Meanderings of a Sociopath

dreams of good and bad

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3 December 1969
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I am happy!
I am insane!
I am not to be triffled with!
I am no longer a vegeterian!
I am SO not available and have been with my eternal soulmate for 7+ years now. Married to him on 12/16/2003!!
I have three children who are my life!
I help run a succesful web development company with my eternal soulmate!
http://www.Pixeled.net and a glorious and reliable hosting company, http://www.illuminatedhosting.com
for almost 12 years now!

NOW...with that all being said i would like to re-iterate verbally here on what i said personally to someone not too long ago.

This journal is not about any person(s) directly or indirectly. This journal is a void for my thoughts, which at times can be acidic to my soul.

I may rant, think, sputter or mumble on here about many things but with only one goal in mind, that is the ultimate release of words and/or emotions that are literally poisoning me from the inside unless they are out there.

If you think something is wrong or about you, talk to me about...my writings at times, tend to convey a process that may not be altogether to clear, because i am at that moment, dying on the inside.

So, with that being approached...go on and read...

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