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in the land of milk and honey.... - Meanderings of a Sociopath — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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in the land of milk and honey.... [Mar. 19th, 2009|09:08 am]
so much going on, so busy....in order of no specifics my life this last 30 days

1. got call from sisters, dad was in hospital. Father has necropathy and lost a part of his foot due to diabetes and sores that would not heal for over 3 years...lesson here: take care of your body or it will fail you. Dad is doing better, staying off both feet and being fed with anti-biotics at home with nurse.

2. sister called me last night, she is divorcing her husband. While i am glad she came to the decision to do this, it will be hard for her, she loves him. She finally realized one sided love hurts and it always ends. I tried to be the big sister voice of reason and not sway her in what I thought was best, although in the end i think my non censor self did just that.

3. Work, Work, Work...wow I have been busting ASS at work. ALl the projects I am working on are opening and closing in a proper PM style. I am proud of myself. My weakness in life has always been wanting to do everything, starting it and then letting it just fade like time in a windstorm.....What am i working on you ask, well glad you asked...I am working on:
-Search engine Releases and Keyword Updates for all things Google
-Launching my adultunderground.net Project for alternative lifestyles
-Launching the new and improved IlluminatedHosting.com website
-Finalizing the new pixeled.net website for April 1 release
-Trademarked all logos and text for companies
-SAS70 audit process....half way complete
-patenting Proteus accounting business software...GOODBYE Intuit! ;) unless you want to buy us of course :) then hello mommy!

4. Working on my anger management and trying to become a better mommy. I feel like I don't spend enough time on myself and my kids that I am trying to rectify that.

5. Falling in love with husband ALL over again, this happens daily but i thought I should put it in here!

6. Laying down the addiction to WoW and all things powerful and only play sporadically at best...

7. I WILL I WILL get in contact on all those projects i let fall through my finger tips to fix, finish and wax them up for release!!

I love you all, truly i do...We should really have coffee sometime :)


[User Picture]From: kambriel
2009-03-20 02:44 am (UTC)
Your poor father! It's amazing how "lightly" some people take diabetes, when it can be so very serious.

I'm glad you're able to be there to give your sister support.
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